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Korean Drama Review


Are you a Korean drama lover? I fell in love with Korean's artistic way of portraying their culture in their shows. Check my reviews and recommendations. Enjoy!


South Korea Lifestyle


Explore the Korean's way of life. Read more about the best places to visit, great food to eat, and my personal experience about South Korea.

The Chanter's Blade: Bakunawa Rising

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Travel And Explore South Korea


Travel. Read travel guides about South Korea


Explore South Korea with me. Read my travel posts here.



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Did you just visit South Korea and had an unforgettable experience that you want to share? Maybe you watched your favorite Korean drama and you want to share your thoughts. Perfect! Just click the photo above for collaborations.

AA Lee - Blogger, Author

Hello everyone! Welcome to Korea Rookie. I am AA Lee, and I am the creator of this page.

I migrated here in South Korea last 2016. Prior to moving here, I had no interest in the country but since I married an awesome South Korean guy; I had to learn the language, culture, people, and the country.

I started with the language first. I learned Hangeul and watched Korean dramas to improve my listening and speaking skills. At first, my purpose was just to learn the language, but I got addicted to the dramas so I created this blog for drama reviews. Then we started traveling all over Korea and I found out there are other people out there (hopefully, you) that are dreaming to go here but can't do it yet for various reasons so I figured that it would be best to share pictures and blog posts about it.

I'm sorry if I haven't updated this blog recently because I'm focusing on my novels. You can still view updated posts on my Facebook page here.