Misty : Korean Drama Review

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Misty - A Korean drama review


Misty Cast

Kim Nam-Joo – Go Hye-Ran
Ji Jin-Hee – Kang Tae-Wook
Jeon Hye-Jin – Seo Eun-Joo
Im Tae-Kyung – Ha Myung-Woo
Go Joon – Lee Jae-Young / Kevin Lee
Jin Ki-Joo – Han Ji-Won
Ahn Nae-Sang – Kang Ki-Joon
Lee Kyoung-Young – Jang Gyu-Seok
Lee Sung-Wook – Oh Dae-Woong


Misty Synopsis


Go Hye-Ran is a famous news anchor. She works hard and scolds her coworkers when they make a mistake. She is also a fighter who does not let other people stump on her regardless if they have more power or higher status than her.

Despite the success, her marriage is on the rocks. She is married to a previous prosecutor who is now a public defender. To retain her image, they pretend that their marriage is going well.

Her steady feat suddenly changed when she becomes a prime suspect in a murder case. The victim is her previous lover and her best friend’s husband. Her husband became her defender. Ironically, the problem is healing their marriage but ruined her friendship with Seo Eun-Joo as the investigation takes its twists and turns.



My Thoughts On Misty

This is one of the Korean dramas that have strong female characters that I really like. There are a few romance part but it is not the main theme. What I like more about this is that it is set in the present time. The cast is also composed of mature and outstanding actors.

The main character really fits the role. I haven’t seen Kim Nam-Joo as a lead actress before so I didn’t have much expectation when I started watching the drama but I immediately liked it because of the theme. Some people might be put off with the sexual scenes at the beginning but it is not a turn off to me. Yes, they showed some skin which is not so common in Kdramas but the sex scenes here are necessary I think for the audience to understand and empathize with Kang Tae-Wook. It is necessary to trigger his jealousy.

This drama is something that you want to watch if you are tired of those younger love teams with cheezy romance scenes. Misty is not a typical from rags to riches story. She did come from nothing and chose to marry a powerful and influential man but she herself made her current position possible. Her will to win is incomparable.

In episode 1, Go Hye-Ran was ordered to resign to give way to her younger coworker but she refused. She kept her position by promising to have an exclusive interview with Kevin Lee, a famous golf player from the United States. Nobody saw Kevin Lee in South Korea at that time and the media are clamoring to get the first interview.

She did become successful in getting an interview with Kevin Lee but people were not aware that Kevin Lee is her previous lover who has other motives. Once, they were recorded by a dash cam kissing inside the car. This is the part that I don’t like about the story because she cheated on her husband and hurt her friend. She lied about the affair but Seo Eun-Joo found out about it.

Go Hye-Ran also uses other techniques to get what she wanted. She even kneeled and begged in front of her mother-in-law to save her marriage and keep her image because she was a blue house speaker candidate at that time. The blue house is the official residence of South Korea’s president.

Kang Tae-Wook, a faithful husband is always on Go Hye-Ran’s side even though they have problems about their marriage. He is a protector. Even when he found out later that Hye-Ran indeed cheated, he still chose to forget about it which is annoying and foolish. He even protects Go Hye-Ran from his father and mother who looks down on her. His mother’s issue about her is that she is ambitious and puts Kang Tae-Wook’s image into ruins.

When Kevin Lee died, it is not really clear who killed him and who has the biggest grudge. Go Hye-Ran was a suspect due to their affair and Seo Eun-Joo told the police that she called Kevin Lee on the night of the murder. Kang Tae-Wook also looks like he has interest in the case because he was aware of their affair. Her junior, Han Ji-Won, is also connected because she and Kevin Lee had sexual affairs. The most suspicious person to me is Seo Eun-Joo because she found out about Go Hye-Ran and Kevin Lee’s relationships and lies. She was hurt and lost everything and her main goal is to have revenge.

Go Hye-Ran suffered the most though. Their affair was exposed and she was the only one taken into custody by the police which made headlines.

I have a mixed feeling about the ending. It feels like I wanted to know more but it also looks like it was beautifully done that it couldn’t have been any better.



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Misty - A Korean drama review


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