Starting The Korean Summer At Anmok Beach

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Korean Summer Anmook Beach


Korean summer is just beyond the corner but the wind is still cold. Today, I asked my husband to go with me to the beach for some exercise. It is his day off and any weight shed from his body is a big help and I was glad that he agreed with me. The sky was clear and it made the beach beautiful.  We walked on the fine sand, slowly gliding towards the water. I gasped as the wave hit my ankles. The water was cold but my husband said that it was “cool.” He likes cold weather so it doesn’t bother him but I like warm weather because I came from a tropical country. That becomes a problem for us sometimes.


Korean Summer And The Beach


Anmok Beach is around ten minutes bus ride from the center of Gangneung, the host city for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. There are actually two venues: Pyeongchang and Gangneung. We are expecting a surge in tourism here in Gangneung for that event and if you happen to be going here for the event, Anmok Beach is one of the places where you can hang out. The Olympic will be held in February 2018 and it will be winter here in Korea. If you think that it is not a good idea to go to the beach at that time, you are wrong. The beach is lined with coffee shops and restaurants. People normally hang out there during winter to look at the sand covered with snow. People also walk on the beach just like what we normally see in K-dramas.

Since it is almost summer today, people were enjoying the cool breeze and the hot sun. People lined to fish, trying to find a good spot, and others are catching crabs. Kids and parents played in the sand. There was a classic burying in the sand scene from kids. There was also a zip line in here so it is really great for adventure seekers.

Anmok Beach


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