Job Portals For Job Seekers In South Korea

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Job Seekers In South Korea


I was recently hired by an academy here in South Korea and I would love to share my experience on how I landed the job. The South Korean job market is very competitive. Companies are looking for stellar credentials and experiences so finding a job as a foreigner is not that easy because your experience outside Korea sometimes is not really taken into consideration. Some job seekers do internships without pay just to have something on their resume.

If you are dreaming of working in Korea, the language barrier is another problem. Whether you are already in the country or not, getting in touch directly with companies is hard because most Koreans do not speak English. The easiest route is applying through a recruitment agency.

It took me a month to land a job. I sent countless resumes and read an incredible amount of rejections. I expected it because I don’t speak Korean well. With the help of my husband and other expats on Facebook, I finally secured a job in a private academy. I used several sites to find a job.


List of sites for job seekers in South Korea. Some are also applicable to those who are not yet in the country.



Craigslist is a classified advertisement website. This website is famous not only to job seekers but also to marketers and sellers. Just choose South Korea as your desired location and select Seoul as the city. As of now, they only have Seoul as a city even though there are a lot of cities in South Korea. You can do a filter by typing the desired city in the search box. For example, I live in Incheon but Incheon is not listed so I just found jobs in Incheon by typing Incheon in the search box instead of the type of job.

You can also upload your resume here if you are not getting responses from those you have applied.


Dave’s ESL Cafe

Dave’s ESL Cafe has a designated spot for Korean jobs. This site is for those who want to teach English As A Second Language. The site has resources also for teachers. You have an option to post your resume for recruiters and companies to hire you. Teaching in South Korea as a foreigner is hard so you should check first if you are qualified to get a visa and complete the requirements based on your nationality. There are only 7 nationalities who are qualified to get an E-2 or teaching visa: American, Canadian, Irish, British, Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans. There are also other cases when other nationalities can teach if they come from an English-speaking country even if they are not on the list, for example, an F-6 or spouse visa.

I really do not want to touch the discrimination topic but I feel that you must know it if you are aiming for a  teaching position. If you are white, forget about obtaining any teaching experience. Most hagwons(private academies) will hire you right off the bat. You just have to complete the visa requirements. It is another story for dark-skinned applicants and Southeast Asians. I cannot speak on behalf of dark-skinned teachers but I have heard enough rants from expat groups about how badly they are treated. I am Asian and it was hard for me as well. I understand that I am not a native English speaker but my qualifications should be taken into consideration and not my physical looks.



WorknPlay is a Korean website for expats in South Korea. There is an option to change the language from Korean to English and vice versa. According to their website, they aim to promote Korea in the most traditional way. They have a what’s on a section for latest happenings and events. One thing that is unique about this website is that they post about students’ opportunities for scholarships.



Facebook nowadays is used by companies to find talents. Below are some of the groups I joined. Take note that most of them are closed groups so you have to wait to be accepted first before you can see the posts.



This site is in Korean and is ideal for those who are already in South Korea. If you do not speak Korean, find someone who can help you because even if your browser automatically translates it to English, the translation is not accurate and is hard to understand. Most of the job posts here are directly posted by companies and not through a recruiter so it is easier to negotiate with them than going through a third party.

I had a positive experience here when I posted my resume. I got a call within a day.



The Korean word alba means a part-time job. It is a shortened version of 아르바이트  (areubaiteu). This site is in Korean and is good for those who are already in Korea. You are required to put your phone number when you create a resume so you will have a problem if you are using a phone number which is not registered under your name. There are countless jobs posted here. If you are someone who does not want a full-time job, this is the best site for you.

Even though this site is famous for part-time jobs, there are also full-time jobs available.


훈장마을 (Hunjangmaeul)

This is also a Korean website and is good for those who already understand Korean.



This website is in English so it is very easy for foreigners to apply. Even though the name says Seoul, the jobs posted are actually not only in Seoul.

From the name itself, this site is for those who are looking for English teaching jobs. They do have an instructors’ list at the bottom of the home page so it is good for you to make your resume here to be included in the list.


If you know any other sites for Korean jobs, let me know in the comments.


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Job Portals For Job Seekers In South Korea

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16 Responses

  1. Ruthie Ridley says:

    I could not imagine trying to find a job in South Korea. This is great!

  2. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    It is so important to have places that you can go to for help in finding a job. It can be hard enough on your own!

  3. Ada says:

    This is great info for those living in South Korea. Finding a job isn’t always easy.

  4. Carissa says:

    Great tips! Very useful for job seekers.

  5. Great tips. I would be so scared of working in a new country where I wasn’t understood and didn’t speak their language.

  6. Your article is a great read for people who are looking for part-time or full-time jobs.

  7. Athena says:

    This is an excellent list – especially for those who live in this area.

  8. Aw, this is a nice post. Very considerate for people in this situation. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Congrats on landing a job after only one month of searching. That is a big accomplishment!

  10. I didn’t even know South Korea used Craigslist as well to seek opportunities in certain industries. How interesting.

  11. TColeman says:

    This is an awesome resource for those that are looking for a job there. I wish them all the luck!

  12. Elizabeth L says:

    This is really neat information for people looking for a job. I would never have considered looking on craiglist abroad for a job.

  13. I am not planning on moving to South Korea but this blog post will help anyone who would!

  14. tara pittman says:

    Great info for job seekers. I like that I can even look on Craigslist.

  15. This is good to know for those who live in the area. I wish I did because I’d sure check some of these options out.

  16. Marcie says:

    I never would have thought to job search on Craigslist abroad! But, I have landed some great jobs on Craigslist in the U.S.

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