High Priestess – A YA Coming-Of-Age Fantasy Novel

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High Priestess A YA novel

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What readers are saying about High Priestess:

“Fast-paced and strong heroine.”

“Vivid. Unique. And culturally intriguing. High Priestess: No Man’s Servant introduces the reader to a vibrant world of inequality and struggle, but most of all… determination.”

“I read this in a day!”

“It’s a great book for a long train ride or rainy day. The world building is quite nice and I enjoyed the aspect of focusing on a culture that most wouldn’t know.”




How do you go after your dreams when your dreams are forbidden?

Fifteen-year-old Kenda knows what she wants in life, but unfortunately, independence is the one thing she can’t have.

When she is tricked into an arranged marriage, she makes a daring escape to the city, but that’s where things get way more complicated than she could imagine.

As shocking revelations about who she is come to light, her mission changes. Now she must harness her newfound abilities to uncover a decades-old curse that has held her village hostage and oppressed its women.

If she succeeds, the lives of countless women will be saved. If she fails, humanity will cease to exist.

Join Kenda on her brave quest to save the world in this adrenaline-rushing coming of age fantasy novel.


Story inspiration and other details about the novel


In the Philippines, there is a barangay (a village) called Dalagsaan where modern transportation is still not available. Arranged marriages are also practiced, though not as common as before.  The village is my main inspiration for the setting. There are also foreign languages in the novel, but it will not hinder your understanding of the story. The language is a Philippine dialect in the same town. Although the dialect is of the Philippines, learning Korean was my inspiration in adding the foreign language in the plot. When I arrived here in South Korea, I only knew two words – kamsahamnida (thank you) and saranghaeyo (I love you.) It was a struggle to adjust, especially because we first settled in Gangwon-do, a province in South Korea where most of the people do not speak English.

About ten years ago, a girl I know escaped from Dalagsaan village and sought refuge in the town where I was living prior to moving here in South Korea. Her struggle helped me form Kenda – my main character.

The novel features a strong female lead, so if you’re into this kind of leads, you will surely enjoy the novel.

Download the novel through this link or click the image above.





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