Everland: What You Need To Know Before You Go [Sponsored By Trazy]

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Do you think you have seen all amazing places in South Korea? Have you been to Everland? If not, you’re missing South Korea’s gem. Everland is the largest theme park in South Korea where everyone can be like children and enjoy.

I am so fortunate to be sponsored for an Everland discount ticket by Trazy.com through their ambassadorship program. They really made my dream come true. We recently moved here in Incheon last January from Gangwon-do and we are just trying to explore Incheon and Seoul. Being a natural budget-conscious person, we tried to avoid paid attractions. It’s been several weeks since my friends went there and I was super jealous of their photos. I was excited for days after hearing that I was approved for the Everland discount ticket. Trazy is the leading tour company here in South Korea and having experienced their services, I can say that they really live up to that title. They have English-speaking staff so they are really foreigner-friendly and they also offer packages to avoid hassle in your travel.  


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Everland Travel Guide: Explore And Enjoy


Everland Ticket

Buy your Everland ticket online through Trazy.com. The first challenge that you will face if you don’t book online is the long line in the ticketing office. That will really eat up your time and money. For foreigners, the price right now is at 54,000 Korean won right at the entrance for adults for a one day’s pass. Koreans have discounts of some sorts based on the Everland website. If you book through Trazy.com, you will get a highly-discounted rate of 38,000 Korean Won. No waiting in line and you can save money for food. Speaking of food, you can bring food inside. We did and we saved money. Do take note that discounts change and you have to check Trazy’s site for updated information.


How To Go To Everland, A Theme Park In Yongin, South Korea


We live in Incheon which is just a little more than an hour to Everland by car. They do provide free parking so it is ideal to those who want to drive. They also have shuttle buses from the parking lot to the main entrance because some parking lots are a little far.

If you are from the airport, you can take the Everland shuttle straight from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 for 12,00 Won for adults. If you are from Seoul, you can easily book the Everland round-trip shuttle bus on Trazy. The meeting locations are Hongik University Station, Myeongdong Station, Dongdaemun H&C Park Station, Seoul Station, Sinchon Station, Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station, Sinnonhyeon Station, Gangnam Station, and Suwon Station. If you come from other locations, go ahead and check the Everland website for their shuttle schedule and pick-up locations.  

Once you arrive at Everland, you need to know where to go first. Everland has five attractions. I called them little villages after having been there. They are Zootopia, European Adventure, Magic Land, American Adventure, and Global Fair. Grab a map near the entrance. It will seriously help you in navigating and finding the fastest route because Everland is huge. The printed map is big so you can find the direction fast. You can get lost in it but don’t worry, you can ask the staff because most of them speak English.

If having a map is too bulky and bothersome, install the Everland application. It has a map with your current location. It’s like a Google map minus the navigation. Another point for this application is Lenny’s Pass which helps you avoid the queue in some rides. Lenny’s pass accumulates points every 30 minutes and once you acquire the required point for a certain ride, you will be able to skip long lines. The map also shows the waiting time for each attraction so you can decide where to go first. Keep in mind that you need to scan your ticket for you to be able to use Lenny’s Pass.

Everland Tree

The iconic Everland Tree near the main gate

Near the main entrance is the iconic tree. That is the very first thing that really caught my eye due to its beautiful decorations. Don’t forget to take a picture here. Just behind it is the newly-opened Marche au Fleurs which displays tulips and other flowers. the arrangement is so cute and is perfect for Instagram. 

Marche au Fleurs near the main gate of Everland

Marche au Fleurs near the main gate of Everland


First Stop: Zootopia – An Adventure With Nature


You don’t have to pay more to go to the Zoo. Everland has all the wild animals, if not more than what you will see in a zoo.

I really planned to go to Zootopia first because I love nature. Most people go there for the thrill of the T Express which is one of a kind but since there was a chance that I had to give up some attractions due to time constraints, Zootopia is not the one to be sacrificed.

If you are a thrill-seeker, you should go to American and European Adventures first to make sure that you can take those heart-stopping rides.

Zootopia Animals At Everland

Zootopia Animals At Everland

Before the rides, I enjoyed taking photos of the animals first. I went to the bird paradise as it was the closest from the entrance that caught my attention. Next, we proceeded to the tiger valley. I took several photos of the tigers just lazily strolling in their habitat like they were alone in their world. They even have a falls inside their home! Lucky tigers. Right in front of it is the bear’s home. It is a white bear and its home has water and rocks to mimic the wilds. Other animals that love water are the penguins. No way that I was going to miss a selfie with them. It was my first time to see penguins in real life. We also saw monkeys in the monkey valley, snakes, porcupines, and sloth. Oh! Sloths do move really slow in real life. Imagine the sloth laughing in the movie, Zootopia.


First Ride: Everland’s Safari World


We waited for an hour for a ride that lasted less than 20 minutes. I love it, no doubt but the waiting time is something that I did not expect because it was not a weekend nor a holiday. I actually asked for this trip to be rescheduled from the original agreement which is Saturday, May 5 and Trazy happily agreed. Now, May 5 is Children’s Day in South Korea and the crowd can really get crazy. My husband showed me a photo of last year’s Children’s day photo of Everland and no way that you can get a decent photo or take a ride without waiting for several hours.

If you decide to go there on weekends or holidays, install the Everland app right after you get your ticket to get Lenny’s Pass running or better yet, buy a Q-pass because Lenny’s pass also takes some time to collect points. You can also get the Q-pass from Trazy.com. It helps you avoid the queue.

Safari World is a bus tour in a jungle with wild animals. Don’t worry, you are safe. The wild animals cannot break into the bus. Some of the wild animals that your bus will encounter are lions, hyenas, Bengal tigers, white tigers, and brown bears.

Everland Safari Bus Tour

Everland Safari Bus Tour

I took the window seat because I wanted to see the animals up close and my decision was right. I just wish they provide a bus with one seat per side so that everyone will be close to the window. The bus is just a regular bus with two seats per side. The bus stopped several times to give a chance for animals to get close. The lions couldn’t care less. They are just going on with their day, lazily laying down on the ground.

White tiger in Everland's Safari World

White tiger in Everland’s Safari World

My favorite animals are the brown bears which were near the end of the trip. There was a bear that walks like a human. The bus driver gave it treats so it kept following the bus with its human-like walking.

Standing Bear At Everland's Safari World

Standing Bear At Everland’s Safari World

The bus driver was very friendly and funny and we ended up laughing at his jokes. If you know a little Korean, you can relate to him. He introduced the animals to us and he knows them by name.


Next stop: Amazon Express


Be prepared to get wet and have fun. Amazon Express offers a ride down the water path. The ride is round and often hits the side of the water path than can send it spinning and water splashing.  Just so you know, it also passes through an underground with dim lighting if you are not comfortable with the dark. The tunnel though is very short so it will not leave you panicking.

Amazon Express Ride In Everland's Zootopia

Amazon Express Ride In Everland’s Zootopia

This ride has also a long line. We spent 70 minutes in line and the ride lasted about 10 minutes. There are signs that you may get wet so be careful about your gadgets. I got wet even though they provide some covers on top of the ride. Make sure to bring extra clothes if you want to take this ride. The staff who were helping us ride were also dancing and singing at the same time and people cheered for them. I honestly don’t know if some of them are celebrities because most teenagers were taking their pictures. I heard that sometimes there are celebrities there.

Amazon Express is a very short but fun ride. You may question yourself though if it is worth waiting for 70 minutes and Q-pass will really help not to spoil your fun.


Next Village: European Adventure

Never been to Europe? No problem. European Adventure will give you that European feel as the structures really look European.

Alpine Village In Everland, South Korea

We also brought some bread, coffee, and water but the constant movement made us hungry and we finished all the food in less than half of our adventure. After entering Alpine Village, we searched for restaurants. It was hard because most restaurants inside are very pricey. Well, that is understandable but we didn’t have a choice. I recommend you to bring enough food so that you will not spend a lot of money. There are no restaurants nearby Everland and I don’t know if you can go back once you go out of the theme park without purchasing new tickets.   

I do love adventures and I initially planned on riding T Express but it was closed due to strong winds. So we went out of the Alpine Village and headed to the festival train. We waited for 30 minutes and so far, it is one of the rides with the shortest waiting time. Most of the passengers are kids with their parents and some are couples. This is a really family-friendly ride. To me, it was more like taking a rest while enjoying the scenes. This is also great for elderlies who cannot ride in the adventurous ones.

Magic Garden In Everland

Magic Garden

After riding the train, we took some pictures of flowers in the magic garden. You can really feel the spring season by enjoying the beautiful flowers. After that, we continued strolling while the sun was still up. We took pictures in front of the gigantic Lenny’s Tree House.

Lenny's Tree House, Everland

Lenny’s Tree House


Getting Mesmerized By Magic Land Before Dark!


My husband insisted on the Bumper Car. I was not so excited because I couldn’t take pictures while driving. I said that I didn’t know how to drive. Haha. I also don’t have a driving license. “It will be fun,” he said. I gave in to his persistence and waited in line for 30 minutes. I really thought it is just for kids but I was totally wrong! Bumping other cars was really fun. I can’t believe I refused to do this before. It really enjoyed it that I planned to be in line again but just gave it up upon seeing the magical magic swing.

Magic Swing Ride, Everland

Magic Swing

Magic swing feels like a child’s dream house with a swing outside. The design looks like it’s from a fairytale movie. The waiting time was 40 minutes but I didn’t mind it even though I was tired. When the swing started swinging, it was exhilarating. It doesn’t just swing but also spins. The spinning though is not really fast so it is good for those who are looking for gentle adventures. It was full of kids with their parents.


Last Stop: American Adventure

Sky Cruise At Magic Land in Everland, South Korea

Sky Cruise At Magic Land in Everland

It was around 7 PM and was almost time to go home but not before we experience the American Adventure. We took Sky Cruise from Magic Land. The line was very short, maybe around five minutes and we’re off to the sky! It was a slow ride so we enjoyed looking at the surroundings but not long enough to take a lot of pictures.


Pride In Korea: Experience South Korea Through VR


We were almost done for the day and my knees were aching from all the standing and walking. Pride In Korea is the best attraction to take a rest. They show in the VR historical sites in South Korea without going there.

There are also machines inside Pride In Korea that will electronically put a traditional dress on you. As the name itself says, I think this is the most Korean thing in Everland and I am glad that they were able to inject Korean culture in the fun.

We did not get the chance to take any rides in American Adventure partly because some of the rides are closed due to strong winds and because of the time constraints. Honestly, you won’t be able to ride all the rides unless you have the Q-pass. We just took more photos of the tulips and other flowers at Marche au Fleurs near the gate.

At the end of the trip, I have learned a lot to make my next trip to Everland more enjoyable and with less hassle. I have made a short version of necessary things to keep in mind before the trip that will be really helpful if you are also planning to go there.


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Everland Guide: Things to remember before going to Everland in South Korea

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