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Photo of me in the dental clinic before the wisdom tooth extraction. 0

My South Korea Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience

If you’re reading this article, you are probably worried about your wisdom teeth. It can be daunting if it is your first time, more so when it is done in a foreign country like South Korea. There are a lot of things to be considered like theĀ language barrier. I only...

best resources in learning Korean 4

Best Resources In Learning Korean For Free

  Before moving here in South Korea, all I knew was saranghae, kamsahamnida, and the Korean alphabet. I was not into Korean drama as well because I am not fond of romance and I thought Korean dramas are just about love stories. I was so confident in my ability to...

Job Portals For Job Seekers In South Korea 16

Job Portals For Job Seekers In South Korea

  I was recently hired by an academy here in South Korea and I would love to share my experience on how I landed the job. The South Korean job market is very competitive. Companies are looking for stellar credentials and experiences so finding a job as a foreigner is...

Renting apartments in South Korea 2

A Comprehensive Guide In Renting Apartments In South Korea

  We moved to Incheon from Ganeung last January because my husband had to move to another company. Gangneung is a really great city for foreigners because of it’s scenic nature and old structures but Incheon is also good for traveling and living. Moving is not easy. Even though we...

Korean Wedding 17

A Foreigner’s Guide To Korean Wedding

I’ve been in Korea for a year and a half and I’ve attended two weddings so far. Aside from working on my blog, I try to socialize to learn the language. It was my classmate in the multicultural center’s wedding and I was very excited. I have watched a lot...