Black: Korean Drama Review


Black Cast

Black/Han Moo-Gang – Song Seung-Heon
Kang Ha-Ram – Go Ara
Yoon Soo-Wan – Lee El
Oh Man-Soo – Kim Dong-Joon
Grim Reaper No.007 – Jo Jae-Yun
Grim Reaper No.416 – Lee Gyu-Bok
Na Gwang-Gyun – Kim Won-Hae
Bong Man-Sik – Jung Suk-Yong
Oh So-Tae – Lee Cheol-Min
Park Gwi-Nam – Heo Jae-Ho


Black Synopsis

Kang Ha-Ram (Go Ara) can see shadows of death and she knows how the person will die by touching the shadow. When she was young, she failed to stop the death of his father and left her with regret. She wears black sunglasses to avoid seeing shadows.

Han Moo-Gang (Song Seung-Heon) is a rookie detective who throws up in the crime scene. He met Kang Ha-Ram and believed that she can see ghosts. They partnered together to prevent deaths until he was shot and died. However, the detective was possessed by a grim ripper who pretended to be him. Black, who is the grim ripper continued to partner with Kang Ha-Ram to capture a runaway ghost because Kang Ha-Ram can see ghosts.

As they work on preventing deaths, Kang Ha-Ram realizes that interfering with human destiny is bringing more harm than good.


My Thoughts On Black


The beginning of the drama is a little scary. It reminds me of horror movies but as the drama progresses, it becomes less scary. Crime scene investigations are a pro.

In this drama, the ghosts do not harm people in their ghost form.  It is different with other drama where ghosts are too scary and kills people. They try not to interfere with people’s lives in fear of punishment. They just want to fulfill their duty to deliver the souls to the underworld and also catching runaway ghosts, which is Black’s specialty.

Black as a newbie detective then suddenly turning into a rude, expert detective is really funny. There was a scene where they prepared a plastic bag for him to puke at and preserve the scene but he ended up eating meat at the crime scene.

Black: Korean Drama Review

He suddenly became good at investigations making his superiors follow his orders. The fact that they think he lost his memories made them go easy on him.

The supporting actor, Kim Dong-Joon is also adorable in this drama. He really loves Kang Ha-Ram but is willing to give way to someone Ha-Ram loves.

The chemistry between Black and Kang Ha-Ram is really strong. There was a controversy about their partnership in this drama due to the fact that there is a huge age gap between the two in real life but it is not really noticeable in the drama.


Rating:  8/10

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