Best Places To See In Korea During Fall

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Korea is a famous destination for tourists. This country combines old culture with a modern twist. If you are planning to visit this fall, you should keep in mind the places to see so as not to miss the beautiful scenery before they freeze in the coming winter.

Fall and spring are my two favorite seasons because it is neither too hot nor too cold to look around.



Here are the best places to see in Korea during fall


Seoul Attractions


Gyeongbukgong Palace

Best places to see in Korea during fall. Gyeongbukgong palace


Gyeongbukgong Palace is located in the center of Korea. Seoul is an advanced city but the people have never forgotten the old culture. Looking at the palace, you will see that Koreans really value the olden times. For only 3,000 Won, you will get to see buildings built during the Joseon Dynasty. If you are on a budget trip, you will still be able to take pictures outside with people wearing hanbok, the traditional Korean clothes.

Seoul, South Korea - Gyeongbokgung Palace

We rented a hanbok in a nearby shop. If you wear hanbok, the entrance is free, plus you will get amazing photos. The rental fee ranges from 10000 won to 30000 won for two hours. You can also rent for longer hours with additional fees.

If you don’t want to spend money but wanted a hanbok photo, there is a booth outside the palace run by the government. The downside is that you can only take a photo in that booth. The choice of hanbok is also limited. The palace is really big so you can spend a lot of time inside. The lake is very beautiful and is more appealing during spring when cherry blossoms bloom.

Dongdaemon Design Plaza


Dongdaemon. Best places to see in Korea in fall.



From the historic palace, you can ride the subway to the futuristic Dongdaemon Design Plaza. This place offers tourists with different types of entertainment. You should try the VR roller coaster for fun. Outside the building, it is flooded with tourists buying presents. IT is surrounded by shopping malls and it is a great way to kill your time by window shopping or shop until you drop if you have the budget.



Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall


Lotte tower. Best places to see in Korea during fall.

The tower is the highest building in Korea. I bet you cannot stop yourself from taking a selfie when you visit this place. It is not just any other buildings or mall. The design is extraordinary. If you are young at heart and is a fan of Pororo, this is your chance to take a lot of pictures.



The Subway


Myeongdong subway. Best places to see in Korea during fall.

Myeongdong Subway Station

Where else can a subway be a tourist destination?

The picture above is the Myeongdong subway. It is very close to Myeongdong shopping center.

The Seoul subway is not your ordinary train station. It offers top convenience to travelers. The restrooms have chairs to rest and even a charging port! It is just like a waiting room in a hotel.

You can find subway shopping stalls to wander about while waiting for the train but don’t take too long because trains in Seoul come frequently.

Korea has a lot more to offer so after visiting these places, you can wander and take pictures to show the world.







Myeongdong. Best places to see in Korea during fall


Myeongdong is a makeup lover’s heaven. I went here to buy only a few items that I have listed from a youtube makeup tutorial but I ended up buying three bags of goods. What’s even amazing about this place is that you will find the same brand a few meters away from another store. The competition is very high for shops that some are offering free samples without you buying from them! You will also see different kinds of tricks just to attract customers like mascots and bands outside the shops.

Most of the staff speak English! In other parts of South Korea, it is hard to communicate because people do not normally speak English but Myeongdong is different.


Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. I will also update this list from time to time as I explore more about South Korea.




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