Must-See Places When Going To The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium In South Korea For The 2018 Winter Olympics Venue. This is where Ski Jumping will be held.



The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics is just a month away. Are you going to see the games?

There are actually two venues for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics: Pyeongchang and Gangneung. I live in Gangneung City where other games will be held. I feel lucky because it is easy for me to see the games and enjoy some improvements in the city because of the Winter Olympics. One of the improvements is the KTX( high-speed train) directly from Incheon Airport to Gangneung. The four-hour travel from Incheon became less than an hour now. Of course, you can still take the bus which is also comfortable.


Gangneung Ice Arena For the 2018 Winter Olympics. This is where speed skating and other games will be held.

The first picture above is the Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium where Ski Jumping will be held. The second picture is the Gangneung Ice Arena which is literally minutes away from our apartment. This is where speed skating and other games will be held.

After the games, it will be good to enjoy the views in South Korea. Gangwon province has a lot to offer but is not normally featured by bloggers or advertised by travel agencies. I have compiled a list here of the places that you can visit and feel the Korean vibe without stopping in Seoul.


List Of Places To See In South Korea Near The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics Venue


Gyeongpo Beach

Gyeongpo Beach. A famous beach in Gangneung, South Korea.


Gyeongpo Beach is in Gangneung. This beach is always buzzing with tourists regardless of the season. During summer, music festivals are held here and during winter people enjoy relaxing here while drinking coffee. The snow and sand mixing together is a spectacular view. Cafes line this beach so you can just go inside when you feel too cold.


How To Get There?

From the Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 202 to Gyeongpodae bus stop and walk towards the beach. It might be easier for you to take a taxi though because taxis can go straight to the beach. It is a famous destination so even if the taxi driver does not speak English, you can just show the name or the location on the map.




Gyeongpodae Pavilion

Gyeongpodae Pavilion, Gangneung, South Korea



Gyeongpodae pavilion is also in Gangneung. One of the things that I like about Korea is that they preserve old structures. This pavilion is on top of a hill overlooking the Gyeongpo Lake.  This is famous from the old times as a place to observe the movement of the heaven. People also visit this to admire the moon both from the sky and its reflection on the lake, especially during the full moon.

It is said that one can see the moon five times when you are at the pavilion. Once in the sky, once reflected in the sea,  once reflected in the lake, once reflected in your drinking glass, and once in your lover’s eyes. Today, the sea is not visible anymore from this pavilion because of the pine trees covering the shore.

Lights from the surrounding buildings also grace the lake nowadays which is a magnificent sight from this pavilion.

There is no entrance fee so you can just enjoy your stay and save money.


How To Get There?

You will be taking the same bus number when going to Gyeongpo Beach.




Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium


Alpensia Ski Jumping stadium. This is an awesome place to be at while watching the game.


This is an awesome place to be at while watching the game. There is an area at the top of this stadium for people to take a look at the surroundings and sip a coffee. There are cafes at the top. If you look at the picture above, there is a round structure at the top of the tower. That’s where the cafes are. The picture at the bottom is the view from above.

You need to purchase a ticket before you can go up the cafes.


How To Get There?




Ocean 700 Water Park 

Ocean 700 Water Park


Ocean 700 Water Park is near the Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium. There is a wave pool that is good for both adults and kids. There is also an artificial river inside. I tried the water slide here and it was very exciting.

You don’t have to worry about the cold because they are using warm water during cold days. There is even a sauna inside and a “hot room” to keep you warm. There is also a restaurant when you get hungry.


How To Get There?





Gangneung Ojukheon.


Ojukheon is the house of the great painter Shin Saimdang and Korean Confucian scholar Yulguk Yi I. This is located in Gangneung. This was built during early Joseon Dynasty and is one of the oldest Korean structures.

Who is Shin Saimdang and why is she famous? Her work is considered extraordinary for her time and is admired by many. It is a great achievement considering that women were not viewed as equal to women during the Joseon Dynasty. She is now in the 50, 000 Korean won banknotes.  There is even a Korean drama about her entitled Saimdang, Light’s Diary.

There is a museum inside this residence and is not only composed of one building. It rather looks like a village when you go inside. For a souvenir, you can take a picture with your face on the 50,000 Korean won banknote in place of Shin Saimdang’s inside the museum.


How To Get There?

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