The Priestess Trials Trilogy Box Set: An Asian Myths and Legends Series

Books 1-3 for only $4.99. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

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A priestess’s skin color and status shouldn’t matter… except in the shrine.

As war wages, and famine threatens civilization, Tala needs salvation. With marriage as her only option, she reluctantly resigns herself to it, but when she discovers her future groom is a murderer, the dark-skinned slave escapes to brave the priestess trials.

When a magical torch chooses Tala to be its all-powerful and wealthy master, she’s surprised to discover there’s something potentially sinister afoot. There are devastating repercussions that override its power.

Can she save herself and her village before it’s burned to the ground?

Read the complete series of The Priestess Trials, a three-book Asian myths and legends fantasy boxed set that includes:

  1. The Priestess Trials
  2. High Priestess
  3. Torch of Greed

#1 Best seller in teen & young adult Asian historical fiction.


Read the first 13 chapters below!



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