The Chanter’s Blade: Bakunawa Rising – An Asian Myths & Legends Novel

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The moon-eating serpent is coming.

Tasked to complete the seven blades, Kanas has traversed many lands, spending countless gold and waging wars. But when the last chief he has to face isn’t blinded by gold nor fear the blade, Kanas employed his last weapon—deceit to infiltrate his household.

Just when he thinks his plan is going well, colonizers who now rule the land uncover the chief’s traitorous plan. Lin-ay, the chief’s secluded daughter awakens the blade to protect her family—something Kanas has trained for and failed.

To defeat the giant moon eating serpent, he must get Lin-ay to the bolo warrior village, but first, she must trust him.

Inspired by Bakunawa from Philippine mythology, The Chanter’s Blade is perfect for fans of Shadow of the Fox.

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