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Return Cast:

Choi Ja-Hye  – Ko Hyun-Jung (replaced by Park Jin-Hee)
Dokgo Young – Lee Jin-Wook
Geum Na-Ra – Jung Eun-Chae
Oh Tae-Seok – Shin Sung-Rok
Kim Hak-Beom – Bong Tae-Gyu
Kang In-Ho – Park Ki-Woong
Seo Joon-Hee – Yoon Jong-Hoon


Return – Korean Drama Synopsis


Choi Ja-Hye is a lawyer who also stars in a legal television show. She represented Kang In-Ho, son of a rich, elite family in South Korea. A woman was murdered and he was the primary suspect but the case was tangled with other elites who are also his friends.

Choi Ja-Hye was in doubt of representing Kang In-Ho because of his lies but continued with the job as she was convinced by Geum Na-Ra, her longtime friend, and Kang In-Ho’s wife. After Kang In-Ho was caught, Geum Na-Ra learned about his lies and affair with the woman who died. She agreed to work again as a lawyer and help with the case to learn more about her husband.

Dokgo Young helps them solve the case. He is a hotheaded and not so meticulous detective. Even though he is clearly not at par with Choi Ja-Hye in the investigation, he also plays a big part in finding clues regarding the case.




My Thoughts On Return


I really like this drama because once again, I am watching something that portrays women as strong individuals. In the first few episodes, Geum Na-Ra appeared to be clueless about her husband’s lies and cheating but I was glad it did not last long. I also like the way her mindset changed. It was subtle and not overdone. She did not appear to be very vindictive but her pain is really understandable. Her background is also not a joke. She was a smart lawyer who gave up her career for her family after marriage.

Choi Ja-Hye is a champion in this drama. Aside from the great acting of Ko Hyun-Jung, her no-make look is also appealing to her role. She looks like she is just sleeping in the office but is always beautiful. Her character is wise and strong. I don’t like the way the character is belittling the male character though. Maybe they are doing this to project a stronger female image than male.

I hope they will not keep Dokgo Young a clueless detective until the end. Lee Jin-Wook is a great actor and he can really kick ass based on Goodbye Mr. Black drama.

The elites are just assholes in this drama and living double lives. That doctor who was a drug addict is ridiculous. He was trying to keep the addiction to himself and his friends to keep his family’s honor. Kang In-Ho is a major actor. He was so great at hiding his affair. There was even a scene where the mistress dined with his family.  I feel zero empathy when he went to prison.



Okay. They replaced the main character due to “difference of opinion” with the production team in episode 16. If you haven’t watched this episode, you might feel lost due to this replacement. Though the new actress is good, I still prefer the old actress because the change feels like a complete change of the character itself. The new Choi Ja-Hye does not feel like the old one altogether.

There are also improvements on the detective’s part which is a good thing but Choi Ja-Hye just seems to be bent on getting revenge. The plot seems to be getting too complicated but then, it is a mystery from the very beginning. If they just haven’t changed the character, the viewers might have a better grasp of the story. I don’t exactly know where it went wrong why they changed the character but I guess it would have been better if they did not turn the main character into a bad one. She started out as a law champion – a model for Geum Na-Ra, a strong and famous lawyer. They turned Choi Ja-Hye into a vindictive and weak mother who lost her child. I guess the actress would have preferred to retain her previous image as well.

In-Ho and his friend’s relationship, on the other hand, continues to be getting marred by their actions and Choi Ja-Hye’s plots. If we take a look at how the story is going, they will most likely continue to destroy each other. P.S. I’ll keep the original actress’s image here just because I prefer her to be Choi Ja-Hye.



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Return: A Korean Drama Review


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