Mother (Call Me Mother): Korean Drama Review

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Mother : A Korean Drama Review


Mother cast

Soo-Jin – Lee Bo-Young
Hye-Na – Heo Yool
Ja-Young – Ko Sung-Hee
Young-Sin – Lee Hye-Young
Jin-Hong – Lee Jae-Yoon
Eun-Cheol – Kim Young-Jae
Seol-Ak – Son Seok-Koo
Chang-Geun – Jo Han-Chul
Yi-Jin – Jeon Hye-Jin
Hyun-Jin – Ko Bo-Gyeol
Jae-Beom – Lee Jung-Yeol


Mother (Call Me Mother) Korean Drama Synopsis

Mother is a drama about a teacher and a student’s fight against child abuse. Soo-Jin was a temporary teacher in an elementary school and naturally, she looks and feels awkward with kids in the classroom.  Hye-Na is one of her students and right from the start, she knew that something was wrong with the kid.

She knew instantly that Hye-Na is being abused but Hye-Na is hiding it. The police cannot do anything to save her because she is lying. She tells people that she is okay and that her mother loves her and that she loves her cooking. The food that she is saying though is from a restaurant’s menu and not her mother’s recipe. Aside from the horrible woman, her boyfriend is worse with the abuse. That sent the strongest signal for Soo-Jin to save the kid.

Soo-Jin explains that Hye-Na has an option to leave but she might not be able to go back. Hye-Na was afraid but she took the risk and fights her fear after she was thrown in a plastic bag. Their fight did not end there. Hye-Na was reported as a missing child and they have to avoid the authorities and encountered bad people who are taking advantage of their situation.

Soo-Jin has to be Hye-Na’s mother in order for them to avoid questions about Hye-Na’s identity and for them to survive.



My Thoughts On Mother


This was a really disturbing drama to watch in the beginning.  Although I was born lucky to have such nice parents, I can totally feel Hye-Na’s pain. The last scene in the first episode got me crying. That was when she went to the sea and asked the migratory birds to take her with them to heaven.

This drama is has a lot of emotional scenes that if you can hold back your tears, you’re incredible. The actors are incredible and every episode feels like a movie made for the big screen.

When we hear about kids being abused, it is easy for some of us to say, “Tell the authorities.” This drama laid out the reasons why it is hard for those abused to ask for help. Hye-Na was threatened to be killed if she speaks about it. She is longing for her mother’s love who is also desperate for her horrible boyfriend’s love.

From the snippets of Soo-Jin’s memory, it looks like she was also abused as a kid but it is too early to tell. As of this writing, I have watched the first two episodes only. She is brave. Soo-Jin knew that she could be charged with abduction but she still took Hye-Na with her.  She could have told the police because she recorded Hye-Na’s confession about the abuse and also took pictures but who knows what could have happened because Hye-Na’s mother was so good with her pretense of being a good mother.

In the second episode, the two of them were hiding from the authorities and were trying to leave the country. They tried to get passports illegally only to be conned. This looks like a series of unfortunate events. I am happy that the kid escaped from the abuse but now the two of them have to survive by hiding.



I finished watching episode 14 and this drama is coming to an end. I said before that it looked like Soo-Jin was abused as a kid and I was not totally wrong. She was not abused by her mother but she was abused by her stepdad. She was left by her mother in an orphanage because her mother killed her stepdad and her mother went to prison. She just lost her memory prior to that day that’s why her memory looked like her mother didn’t like her.

This drama held my interest up to the 14th episode and is growing more interesting as Soo-Jin’s family gets tangled with Hye-Na’s life. I really adore Soo-Jin’s adoptive mother for being strong despite her cancer. She is a true mother who is always by her side.

Soo-Jin and Hye-Na’s flight from the police was a heart-stopping action and it is such a relief to see people helping them. Unlike in the first few episodes where people were taking advantage of them, the tables have turned. Due to the police’s persistence to catch them, the chase came to an end and I can’t wait for the last two episodes to unfold.



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Mother A Korean Drama Review



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