Judge Vs. Judge: Korean Drama Review

Judge Vs. Judge



Judge Vs. Judge Cast

Judge Lee Jung-Joo – Park Eun-Bin

Judge Sa Ui-Hyun – Yeon Woo-Jin

Prosecutor Do Han-Joon – Dong-Ha

Yoo Myung-Hee – Kim Hae-Sook

Do Jin-Myung – Lee Deok-Hwa

Sa Jung-Do – Choi Jung-Woo


Judge Vs. Judge Synopsis



Lee Jung-Joo is a judge that is bent on punishing criminals. She is hard-working but hot-headed. Sometimes, she bases her decision on emotions.

Judge Lee Jung-Joo’s brother was convicted of rape and murder. She hates him and believes that he is guilty. She even changed her last name just to distance herself from him.  Later on, she discovered that her brother was not framed. She becomes remorseful for abandoning him and they plan on getting a retrial while he is in prison. A day before the retrial, he was killed.

After her brother’s death, Jung-Joo’s fight for his innocence did not end. Together with Judge Sa Eui-Hyeon, an independent judge who also believes in his innocence, they gather evidence to solve the case.

From a judge, she becomes a petitioner for her brother’s retrial. Prosecutor Han-Joon, Judge Sah’s friend, also helps them even though they are fighting against Han-Joon’s father, a presidential candidate.



My Thoughts On Judge Vs. Judge


This drama offers something unique. The legal battles here are in the judges’ perspective instead of lawyers. We normally see lawyers in courtroom dramas but this is something different. We see the hardships of judges.

There is one thing that I do not like about this drama though. I think the main characters are too young for their role. It looks like they are better suited as lawyers than judges. We see judges as middle-aged people because they have to gain experience before sitting on the bench. I think they could have chosen other actors. The acting is good though despite the looks.

It is easy to relate to this drama because it portrays pursuit of justice. However, Judge Lee Jung-Joo’s pursuit of justice is more of for herself than for her brother. She is guilty of abandoning her brother and saying hurtful words to him only to find out that he is not guilty after all. In a way, we can relate to Jung-Joo. She is a judge and her brother did not bother to tell her that he was not guilty. He just accepted prison life in exchange for money for their mother’s surgery.

I like the conflict between family members in this drama. The support character, Prosecutor Do Han-Joon has a complicated family. He has a righteous mother and a cunning father. Jong Joo was also in conflict with her brother which was later resolved. Judge Sa is also in conflict with his father because his father supports Prosecutor Han Joon’s family.

Ast the drama progresses, it is becoming more interesting. The plot is getting better and better. In the beginning, it looks like Prosecutor Han Joon is the criminal but then it shifted to his mother and in the later episodes, it looks like it is his father.

I can’t wait for more episodes. I would like to know who gave money to Judge Jung-Joo’s brother. That is a big piece of the puzzle to know who is the real criminal.




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