Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) : Korean Drama Review

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Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey)


Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) Cast

Lee Seung-Gi – Son O-Gong
Cha Seung-Won – Woo Whee
Oh Yeon-Seo – Jin Sun-Mi
Lee Hong-Ki – P.K
Jang Gwang – Yoon Dae-Sik
Lee El – Ma Ji-Young
Kim Sung-Oh – Lee Han-Joo
Yoon Bo-Ra – Alice
Lee Se-Young – Bong-Soon
Sung Ji-Ru – Soobori


Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) Synopsis


Jin Sun-Mi can see ghosts since she was a child. She is constantly bothered by ghosts and demons that makes other kids tease here.

Jin Sun-Mi met Woo Whi-Chul who promised to give her an umbrella that would protect her from demons. She needs to bring the magical fan from a house that is invisible to normal human beings in return. In the process of retrieving the fan, she releases a powerful god, Son Oh-Gong(Lee Seung-gi) who was imprisoned due to his mischievous nature. She asked him to protect her and they entered into a contract. He will save her if she calls his name but the mischievous god erased his name from her memory so she was not able to ask for his name and the contract was pretty much useless.

Twenty-five years later, Jin Sun-Mi grew up as a real estate agent. She was a good agent because she can see ghosts and uses that to her advantage in buying properties. Woo Whi-Chul works in an entertainment agency and fulfills the wishes of ghosts who were not able to do it before they died.  He is hoping to become a diety again. Son Oh-Gong, on the other hand, is still mischievous but is trying to earn points by getting rid of evil spirits, which he believes will enable him to return to heaven.

When Son Oh-Gong heard that he cannot return to heaven, he planned to eat Sam Jang, a human that can make him stronger. Sam Jang turned out to be Jin Sun-Mi who was punished to fight evil spirits because he released Son Oh-Gong. When other spirits learned about her existence, they raced to eat her and Son Oh-Gong was forced to protect her.


My Thoughts On Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey)


The first two episodes were just releases this week. This is by far the most interesting fantasy drama that I have watched this year aside from Black. The first two episodes are really promising. The kid Jin Sun-Mi was awesome and the older her retained her personality. This is one of the dramas that did not make a drastic difference from the younger version of the main character to the old one.

The story involves evil spirits. They are scary but not too much. That is good because this drama has a comedy side to it as well.

The main character suits the careless character of the mischievous god. It is clear that this drama will also focus on romance but I hope it will not be too much. The fantasy side of the gods is what caught my attention here and the participation of the woman in their fates.

I will be updating this review as soon as new episodes come out. Stay tuned.

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