Eulachacha Waikiki (Laughter in Waikiki): A Korean Drama Review

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Eulachacha Waikiki


Eulachacha Waikiki Cast:


Kang Dong-Goo – Kim Jung-Hyun
Lee Joon-Ki – Lee Yi-Kyung
Bong Doo-Shik – Son Seung-Won
Han Yoon-Ah – Jung In-Sun
Kang Seo-Jin – Go Won-Hee
Min Soo-A – Lee Joo-Woo
Park Sung-Woong – Park Sung-Woong
Lee Yoon-Suk  – Sul Jung-Hwan

Eulachacha Waikiki Korean Drama Synopsis


Three young men are running a guest house called Waikiki in Itaewon, South Korea. They are facing bankruptcy and can barely afford the monthly rental fee.

Kang Dong-Goo is the “CEO” of the guest house and dreams to be a movie director but it seems like good luck is out of his reach. Lee Joon-Ki wanted to be a successful actor like his father but refuses his help to advance his career. He survives by taking small, ridiculous, or dangerous roles and helps Kang Dong-Goo from what he earns. Bong Doo-Shik, an aspiring scenario writer does not have an easy life either. His scripts are often rejected and just gets attention for the steamy scenes he writes.  To fulfill his part in running the Waikiki guest house, he works part-time in a convenience store.

Just when they thought they reached the bottom, a baby suddenly appeared in their guest house and they had another mouth to feed. The baby would have been brought to a police station if not for the guests that were smitten by the baby’s cute looks.

The three friends decided to keep the baby due to her charm but then, the mother suddenly appeared. She is an unlucky woman who is more of a burden to them than of help. Her actions that are aimed to help the guest house owners always end up a failure.


My Thoughts On Eulachacha Waikiki


I have never laughed continuously due to a comedy before. It is not like other dramas that start off as funny then the mood changes after a few episodes. These days, my hubby is to download Korean drama or streaming and this is a gem.

The three friends are all funny but the Lee Joon-Ki is the funniest of them all. In episode 1, he got an acting gig and the director just uses sign language but is upset when people do not understand him. It was difficult for him but he was able to get on the director’s good side. Everything was fine until one time, they had a team dinner and he went to the toilet with the director. Lee Joon-Ki had a grain of rice on his cheek and the director pointed to his cheek. Lee Joon-Ki thought that the director wanted a kiss from him as a gratitude for the food. He did not want to kiss him but he does not want to be on his bad side so he mustered all his courage and kissed the director on his cheeks. He was fired.

Eulachacha Waikiki Episode 1 scene

The baby is really cute in this comedy. In the beginning, I thought that they will focus on raising the kid as their own like other stories but the plot changed for the better. They still got to keep the baby and her mother. Han Yoon-Ah, the mother looks totally clueless in this drama that she is a burden. She tries her best but always ends up making the situation worse. She tried to sell in the street once to help with the finances but ended up getting fined because she did not have a license.

I also love Kang Seo-Jin. Her impossible facial hair makes her look like a comedy queen. Her strong personality makes a good support role.

As of this writing, JTBC has aired eight episodes and I am patiently waiting for new episodes for a good laugh.



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Eulachacha Waikiki


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    I love to watch comedy drama and films. You gave a great review. I will definitely try to watch it.

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