Doubtful Victory: Korean Drama Review

Doubtful Victory - Korean Drama Review



Doubtful Victory Cast

Yoon Gyun Sang – Kim JOng Sam/Oh Il Seung
Jung Hye Sung – Jin Jin Young
Jang Hyun Seong – Kang Cheol Ki
Jun Gook Hwan – Lee Kwang Ho
Jun Sung Woo – Ddakji
Choi Dae Hoon – Kim Yoon Soo
Kim Da Ye – Cha Eun Bi
Choi Won Young – Jang Pil Sung
Kim Hee Won – Park Soo Chil


Doubtful Victory Synopsis


Kim Jong Sam (Yoon Gyun Sang) and his friend, Ddakji were framed for murder and was unjustly sent to prison. His friend was scheduled to be released while he, on the other hand, is on death row.

A day prior to Ddakji’s release, they found out that one of their cellmates was escaping prison and going back undetected. To their grief, he got ahold of Ddakji’s sister’s information and hinted that he will kill her. Kim Jong Sam escaped prison to save Ddakji’s sister.

Kim Jong Sam pretended to be Oh Il Seung, a murdered detective who was in the car that he was driving when he escaped prison.  After saving Ddakji’s sister, Kim Jong Sam needs to continue assuming the detective’s identity to survive because apparently, he messed with a powerful man who owns $100 million that the detective stole. He solved puzzles left by the detective for him to find the money and rely on his wits and fist to avoid death.



My Thoughts On Doubtful Victory


Doubtful Victory recently aired episode 12 on SBS and will have 40 episodes in total. This drama has a great plot. The twists are something that you do not expect to happen.

Kim Jong Sam as a young boy was someone who you expect to be a rightful citizen after he collaborated with Kang Cheol Ki, a detective to solve cases. He was an orphan who stole to survive and the detective was his savior. A troublemaker kid meets a good detective. He ended in prison instead of becoming a successful citizen.

At the start of the drama, I was expecting for the bad guys to be after his life all alone.  They ended up working together because Kim Jong Sam knows some clues as to where the money was. He even got a new identity and cover for him to work on finding the money, thanks to the powerful man who is bent on getting back his money.

Another shocking twist in the story is when Kim Jong Sam found out that his friend detective was working with the owner of the money that he was trying to find.

I don’t really like the role of the main character woman in this drama, at least in the first 12 episodes. This is somehow a cliche in Korean dramas. A female cop who is partnered with an outlaw is usually a really stiff person and is not street-smart. Her actions are also predictable that for me,  ruined the mood of the fast-paced drama. One thing that I like about her is that she can kick some ass.

The male main character is perfect for the role. This guy looks handsome while keeping the poor looks. He also rocks the funny, clueless look whenever he fails at some police work.  I have also seen him in previous action dramas like Six Flying Dragons. He did not disappoint me with his moves. He keeps on getting better and better. Some scenes though are somewhat over the top, like fighting a bunch of thugs and able to escape. The way he escaped in the water drum after saving Ddakji’s sister is also somewhat unbelievable. But hey, he was a thief who was an expert in climbing and running away.

Overall, I am rating this 9 out of 10 and will surely wait for the next episodes. Check the updated review later.



Doubtful Victory Episode 13 to 16 Update

Ddakji died. We lost one of the supporting actors that make the drama emotional. He is the main source of the main character’s happiness, his best friend, and like a  brother to him.

I felt Kim Jong Sam’s anger at the people who killed Ddakji. He did whatever he could to save him but failed in the end. It is sad but I think this important part of the drama is better than when they kept Ddakji’s character. This is his motivation for justice. When Ddakji was alive, he had no choice but to comply with the antagonist’s demand just to save Ddakji. Now that he died, he can better plan his moves with one burden gone.

He also decided to join the police force. I hope they will not focus on romance now that he is always close to Jin Jin Young. I am starting to like Jin Jin Young as well. The development of her character is improving. She is now doubting Kim Jong Sam less and less. She is also fully aware now of his true identity.




Doubtful Victory Episode 17 to 22 Update

doubtful victory episode 22 update


The pace of the drama became slower. The action scenes are becoming less and less as the main character is no longer in the life and death situation.

The drama is now gearing towards building the relationship between Kim Jong Sam and the Jin Jing Young. They are getting closer to each other as they uncover the truth behind her father’s mysterious death. So far, I am happy that they are not showing too corny scenes just to build up the romance.

I miss Eun Bi’s appearance in this drama. She is just so cute and I love her to appear more.

The prosecutor is also becoming more and more involved with Kim Jong Sam. He is smart. They are partnering without fully trusting each other. I understand Kim Jong Sam’s part because he was betrayed by law. The prosecutor is also not the typical bookworm legal character. I think this is a good thing because Kim Jong Sam did not have a strong ally aside from Kang Cheol Ki,  the detective who later on worked for Lee Kwang Ho.


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