Beautiful Islands To See In Incheon, South Korea – Sindo, Sido, And Modo

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If you’ve been in South Korea for a while, you must know that most places near Incheon and Seoul are always crowded. The two cities are really famous that it has become so touristy. I live in Incheon and sometimes I want to stay away from the crowd but still want to see the beauty of South Korea. Beaches are packed and the famous beach that is suitable for swimming in Incheon – Eurwangni beach was also crowded to the point that we couldn’t park when we visited last time.

Sugi Beach at Sido Island - one of the beautiful islands to see in Incheon
Sugi Beach

I finally found beautiful islands to see in Incheon that is near me. The three islands – Sindo, Sido, and Modo are not yet overly crowded so we decided to spend a day this summer. The three islands are small and are connected by bridges and are near the Incheon International Airport.

How To Reach Sindo, Sido, And Modo, The Beautiful Islands To See In Incheon?


We drove by car and it’s a lot easier than riding the bus because the islands are not yet fully developed. If you decide to take a bus, take bus number 204 at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 from the third floor. If you are from terminal 1, just take the subway to terminal 2.


Sammok Passenger Terminal To The Islands To See In Incheon – Sindo, Sido, And Modo. Buy your tickets at this terminal to ride the ferry.
Buy your ferry ticket at this Sammok Passenger Terminal.

You should arrive at Sammok Passenger Terminal in less than 20 minutes. Buy your ticket at the passenger terminal. Click here to see the fare as of January 2018.  The website is only available in Korean as of the moment. We paid just a little over than 10,000 won for a car and two persons with a discount because we are Incheon residents. If you live in Incheon, you will automatically get a discount. The ferry carries both passengers and cars and the trip should be around 10 to 20 minutes. There is another ferry going to another destination so ask the staff which one goes to Sindo. You need to provide an ID when purchasing tickets.

For those who do not speak Korean, I have made a simple table here of the ferry fare as of January 2018. Take note that the fares and schedule are subject to change so please check the link above if you understand Korean.


Ferry Fare As Of January 2018 From Sammok Terminal To Sindo


adult 2,000 Won
kids (elementary and below) 1,300 Won
bicycle 1,000 Won
small car (below 1000cc) 8,000 Won
normal car 10,000 Won
big car (for 12 persons) 14,000 Won
big car (for 15 persons) 17,000 Won
bus (depends on size) 22,000-46,000 Won

The ferry runs every hour from 07:10 AM to 18:10 PM from Sammok Terminal to Sindo Terminal. From Sindo Terminal to Sammok Terminal, it runs from 7:30 AM to 18:30 PM.

Ferry to Sindo Island
Ferry to Sindo Island

The ferry trip was exciting. You can go up to the second floor of the ferry and see the birds hovering around. Other passengers were feeding the birds. I also had my own 새우깡, the crackers that most people give to seagulls but I didn’t have the chance to feed them. The time was too short and I spent most of them taking selfie photos and photos of the surrounding islands.

We did not stop at Sindo Island after leaving the ferry because our main destination is the Sugi Beach at Sido Island. We just enjoyed the sceneries of the island while driving.


Sugi Beach 수기해변 At Sindo Island, The Filming Location For The Famous Drama, Full House


Sugi Beach, Sido, Incheon South Korea
Sugi Beach

This beach is popular because of the drama, Full House. Unfortunately, the famous house was already demolished due to irreparable damage from a typhoon last 2013. It would have been awesome to see the house. Nevertheless, the beach is there to enjoy. It is better than most beaches that I have seen around Incheon. Some beaches have muddy shores. Sugi Beach has a nice shore with soft sands. The water is not crystal clear like the beaches in the Philippines but the beach is suitable for swimming and is great for camping.

The family-friendly beach is lined with cottages for free. The cottages have no floor so you have to bring your own camping materials. We just brought a mat and spread it under the cottage. There is also a chance that all the cottages are occupied so it would be best if you also have a tent.

Sugi beach cottages
Cottages at Sugi Beach

I recommend that you bring as much food as you can because there is no supermarket near the beach. We bought kimbap and lunch boxes from Lotte in Unseo before going there.

Sugi Beach food
My lunch at Sugi Beach

We went there Saturday and it was not crowded even though it’s weekend. It’s not exactly deserted but there’s a total difference than going to Eurwangni or Haeundae in Busan.


Facilities Available

Sugi Beach Facility: Kids Pool
Sugi Beach Kids Pool

The beach has a playground beside it for kids. The playground is a pool with fountains and different kinds of structures for kids to play. This is really great for small kids as it is easy to supervise them there.

They also have shower rooms, adequate comfort rooms, and changing rooms. The faucets near the showers are more than enough for people to wash their clothes.

Parking space is available for free. You may as well park beside the road when it’s full as long as your car is not hindering other cars from moving.


Where To Stay?

There are guest houses nearby so it is really easy to find a place nearby. If you have a tent, sleeping on the beach is a great idea. They do not prohibit cooking so that’s a bonus.


How To Reach Sugi Beach?

After taking off the ferry at Sindo Island, take the local bus to Sido Island. You will have to walk a little to get to the beach.


Baemikkumi Sculpture Park (배미꾸미조각공원) In Modo Island


Baemikkumi-Sculpture-Park at Modo, Incheon, South Korea - one of the beautiful islands to see in Incheon.
Sculptures at Baemikkumi Sculpture Park, Modo Island, Incheon, South Korea

South Korea loves sculptures. I have been to the Haesindang Park or the Penis Park in Gangwondo and I surely wouldn’t miss the chance to see another sculpture park. While the Haesindang Park displays penises in all their glory, the Baemikkumi Sculpture Park displays erotic sculptures. Some are simple but most of them are complicated and hard to understand.

This park appeared in the 2006 Korean movie, Time. The sculpture park faces the sea so it is really calming and you can also swim there after seeing the sculptures.

These structures were created by Lee Il-Ho and you can see his name engraved in the rock in the middle of his artworks. The Korean words on the rock mean Modo and Lee Il-Ho.

Lee In-Ho's name on stone Baemikkumi Sculpture Park

The weirdest one for me is this structure.

A woman, snake, and baby scupture at Baemikkumi Sculpture Park

A baby crawls on top of the woman and her head is almost getting bitten by the snake.

There is also a fake tree on the beach alongside the park. It looks beautiful – glistening under the sun.

A tree on the ocean at Baemikkumi Sculpture Park

We paid 4,000 won for two persons for the entrance fee. I think the entrance fee is reasonable because the structures are so beautiful. You have to prepare cash for the entrance fee.


Facilities Available

There is a parking space if you drive by car. There is also a small cafe for you to sit down and enjoy the scene. The park is really far from other establishments so it would be best if you bring food.

Cafe in Baemikkumi Sculpture Park


How To Get There?

It was a bumpy ride. Since it is far from the city, the roads are small and the road near the park are uneven. I hope that they will fix the road later. You can also take a bus from Sindo to Modo but it would be best if you can rent a car to avoid walking as the park is far from the main road.

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