5 Underrated Destinations in South Korea

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Seoul is an excellent holiday destination, but there’s so much more to South Korea than one city, which is why we’ve put together a list of the country’s five most underrated destinations. From traditional villages and historical hot spots to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, there’s no doubt South Korea is a fascinating part of the world.

Here are five Destinations in South Korea to consider while you’re on your travels.

Dongpirang Mural Village

1. Dongpirang Mural Village

This brightly coloured village is decorated with murals, with new and different art everywhere you turn. There’s something for everyone, whether you like quirky illustrations or breathtaking paintings, so grab your camera and your travel companions and set off to see what you can find. Dongpirang is also a great place to people-watch.

Where is it?

Tongyeong, on the south coast


2. Gyeongju

Want to learn about South Korea’s history? Head to Gyeongju, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home of a branch of the national museum. The museum is filled with artifacts which give visitors an insight into the culture and development of the south east of the country, many of them excavated from the region.

Then there’s the Bulguksa Temple, a Buddhist temple which dates all the way back to the year 535, and you can also explore the ruins of the Wolseong Palace, also known as the Banwolseong Fortress (the ‘crescent moon shape on the hill’).

Where is it?

On the east coast in the south


jinhae cherry blossoms one of the underrated destinations in South Korea

3. Jinhae

Most people think of Japan when they think of cherry blossom, but don’t count South Korea out. The city of Jinhae has a cherry blossom festival for ten days every spring, when the trees are in full bloom — head to the Yeojwacheon Stream to admire the canopy of flowers. (Click here to find a guide to the 2018 event.)

There’s plenty of beautiful scenery year-round, however, so don’t worry if you’re planning your trip outside the festival. The NFRDI Environment Eco-Park is a tranquil place to visit, with lakes, mountains and a mini-forest, while the peak of Anmingogae Hill is the perfect place to view the city at night.

Where is it?

On the south east coast


4. Odongdo Island

An ideal destination for a chilled out day trip, Odongdo Island is both picturesque and peaceful, with rocky cliffs, bright blue sea, seventy species of wild flowers, and a forest full of camellia trees.

It only takes an hour or so to hike around the whole island, or you could just sit by the coastline and watch the world go by, pausing only to dine on some freshly caught fish.

Where is it?

Off the east coast of Yeosu, on the central south coast


5. Yeongam Gurim Village

One of the quietest tourist spots in the country, Yeongam Gurim Village deserves more praise than it gets, although its status as a hidden gem is all part of its charm. (Especially if the Secret Traveller’s tourist tour tales are anything to go by!)

The village has a lot of interesting history to explore, with traditional houses still lining the streets, and lots of classes and activities you can try, including paper crafts and cooking.

Meanwhile, Wolchulsan National Park is nearby and is well worth a visit for the views alone.

Where is it?

On the south west coast

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